LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec 3721 I Ceramic Wear & Tear Protection for Petrol & Diesel Engines I Smoother Engine Performance, Less Friction & Lower Fuel Consumption I Ceramic Additive for Engine Oil I 300 ml

  • SMOOTHER ENGINE PERFORMANCE FROM VERY FIRST USE: An engine additive formulated with high-tech ceramic compounds, high thermal resilience. Additive ensures smoother-running engine, extending the engine’s lifespan. Can be used with manual & automatic transmissions. Not suitable for use with wet clutches.
  • LOWER FUEL CONSUMPTION and diminished emission of pollutants due to smoother engine operation.
  • EASY TO ADD DURING OIL CHANGES: The 300 ml bottle is sufficient for up to 5 liters of engine oil. Shake well before use and add to fresh oil. Can be mixed with all gear & engine oils on the market. Long-lasting performance, up to 50,000 km.
  • CERTIFIED EFFECTIVENESS proven by TÜV Thüringen: Chemical components in Cera Tec smooth out rough surfaces, the ceramic particles fill in uneven surface imperfections. Prevents direct contact of all metal parts, reducing friction and wear & tear. Turbo & Cat tested.
  • EVERYTHING THAT DRIVES WORKS BETTER WITH LIQUI MOLY: We manufacture over 4,000 products: engine oils, additives, vehicle care, chemical servicing and repair, adhesives and sealing products. Our products are currently distributed to over 150 countries worldwide. They are popular everywhere, ensuring a superior driving experience and improved engine performance.

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