start selling on this platform

Step one : First thing to do is to register your Retailer account, making sure you tick the retailer account box.  if not this will take you to the customer dashboard only and you’ll have to start the process all over again

retailer account for swype automotive

Step Two : Confirm your email ( check your spam folder just in case ) and go to your retailer dashboard. .Complete your profile and add your details here. Don’t forget to add all your social links here too as it will help customers connect with your brand . We’re all about supporting your journey and working together as a collective.

Step Three : You are now a live seller with the Free Starter account. This gives you up to 5  ads for the duration of that account . You can upgrade your account at anytime if you need more ad space, Remember we’re here to help you grow and expand, which is why its important know your outgoings every month and  you can budget for your ad spend accordingly, nice and simple.

The great thing is, the more you sell, it won’t cost you any more than your chosen package, as its completely commission free sales for life !

swype automotive free ads package

Step Four : This is super important to remember ! All ad packages give you a various number of ads to use. This is the TOTAL number of ads that can be used over the life of the account. IE if you have 5 ads and DELETE one ad, you have 4 ads left , that’s it.

Each ad has an auto duration of 1000 days, so basically till sold. These can be updated and changed at any time. An easy way manage your ad count and to bank ads is to MARK THEM AS SOLD. When you list an item and go back into it, the option appears at the top. this way it removes your ad from the front end and allows you to keep the allocation, all you’re doing is re using the ads and not losing any  from your account !

You can also just modify and update them at any stage. You have the control !

Step Five : PLEASE NOTE  ! There is no check out facility on this site. Its been developed to give you freedom. You deal direct with your customers, You opt how to take payments and manage your account. IE the button link can be used to send customers to, an existing page on your Ebay, Amazon store , Direct payment links or even run your own affiliate brand , its that versatile . The main advantage is you have no delays from a third party platforms holding payments etc

swype automotive retail account link

Step Six : List your ad in the best way possible, here are some pointers – 

DO : Keep your title short and to the point, you can add the full title at the top of the Text / Description box, so it can still be found from the search bar. 

YOU DON’T NEED TO  : Add your social icons on every page as they’ll be in your on your profile page BUT there’s fields on the right if you wish to do so.  

DO : Write a good description for your product, this can also be copied from the  original page description if you’re linking to another product page etc.  

IGNORE : All the fields on the right apart from the Button link ,as all your info can be found on your profile page . 

DO : Add info about shipping on the description if your not linking back to a site etc . This would also be good if you’re a private seller listing used items etc. 

REMEMBER : The more details you add to your listing , the better it will look and read overall !

Step Seven : Setting up your own payment links couldn’t be easier. Providers such as Paypal Stripe, Go Cardless allow you to set up direct payment links which can be pasted into the BUTTON LINK section . This makes it even easier to get paid and deal direct with your customer, and with no commission payments apart from your processing fee’s , it’s a win win for you business !

The possibilities are limitless . Start selling today.

card payments on swype automotive and paypal