Frequently Asked Questions

Swype Automotive was set up after we became frustrated with the limited marketing and promotional resources available for our own Automotive business. After spending literally thousands of pounds per year with very little return and too many promises, there just had to be a better way to build your brand and promote your business. A dedicated platform was born.

With over 25 years in the motor trade from both the trade and retail sector, we wanted to create something that we could see ourselves using to promote our products , services, deals and offers as a business. This is a dedicated platform that provides alternative advertising solutions, whilst giving you complete control. Wouldn’t it be great to promote your business  without worrying about the cost ?

Absolutely not. you can also be a private seller and sell your used items too. You must include contact info, postage details so any potential customers know how to make a purchase

Register for a retail account and start from there. Set up your profile whether its trade or private . after that you’ll have access to your starter account with upto 5 listings,  and can upgrade your account from your dashboard as required . We have worked with many auto businesses from small retail outlets to multi national companies. Just gives a call or drop us an email if you need any help to get started .

Take complete control with our commission-free retailer package. Gain the advantage of knowing exactly what you’re paying each month, empowering you to plan and strategize with certainty. We provide the freedom to focus on scaling your business, while confidently managing your costs and maximizing your profits.

We will be using most of the well known social media outlets as well as many other many other routes to get in front of motorists. We have some awesome idea’s to push the brand forward so you’ll have to watch this space.

You choose the package that is right for your business. If you need more ad space  then upgrade your package at any time . it’s that simple 

If that’s the case, send us an email to and we’ll get that cancelled for you. Just remember , this isn’t a short term process, We’re in it for long term growth .

We have display material which can be sent to you for your premises to show customers you’re part of the Swype Automotive network . We can also run posts on our social media about products and services you are looking to promote if planned in advance for free . You would need to be on a paid retail  package to access this feature. We have a  commitment to each other when you sign up with us, it works both ways, so why not build something great together ?

The answer is NO. you can start using the site and shop products and services immediately by following the links and instructions . 

If you want to be able to the site functions, such as favourite items, send messages , leave feedback and access exclusive deals and products, you’ll have to register on the site which is free right now.

We wanted to create a better user experience unlike any other retail platform out there . This is a virtual membership unique to the owner. We want to this to be used to access discounts , deals , events and much more in the future  Right now this is completely FREE but will be a paid option in the future, so register today .