The Boa range wouldn’t be complete without our powerless tough latex glove.

We all know why we love latex gloves, they’re soft to the touch, offer increased feel, sensitivity and dexterity than their nitrile counterparts and their natural white rubber colour allows instant visibility of materials, contaminants and alien objects they come into contact with.   

The Specification:  

The Boa Latex is a weighty 6g glove and has an elasticity that allows the user to stretch as far as their elbow in most cases. It boasts a 6mil thickness at the finger, 5mil at the palm and 4mil at the cuff making it one of the strongest disposable latex gloves on the market all while offering Type B-level chemical test approvals.   

The Reason:  

Making the glove tough, white and super soft latex means it’s loved by many. It’s especially a favourite with detailers, it allows the user to reach those hard-to-reach interior spots and check if they’re clean and free of dust with a simple wipe of a finger. Mechanics love it for carb and brake cleaning jobs due to its increased performance against tougher chemicals.  

The Boa Logo and image mean the user knows it’s part of our automotive range with assured purpose-built quality standards & Smart Tough Technology means the user can check their phone during a job without needing to remove and waste a pair of gloves.  

We’re proud to say it’s our most comfortable glove and can be worn for extended periods without experiencing discomfort.